At Auberge Rose-des-Vents!

From Thursday to Sunday, Frebruary – March 2022.

Rental of ready-to-fish kits in a tent on the fjord. These light and easy to set up tents will allow you to choose your location on the fjord to enjoy the maximum fishing experience. You can therefore fish for small fish at the start of the day and move your tent in the afternoon to try the big fish!

The activity is accessible to all!

Included Equipment:

  • Tent for 2 or 4 people;
  • 1 manual auger;
  • fishing rods for groundfish;
  • decoy kits;
  • propane heater;
  • bait for groundfish;
  • chairs;
  • 1 transport sled.


  • Even if the tents allow you to stay sheltered from the wind, bring warm clothes and good boots to stay comfortable throughout your experience;
  • We also recommand that you bring snacks and hot drinks. (there is NO convenience store or grocery store in town)


Kit rental

100$ / kit (2 people) / 9am to 5pm Book here!

150$ / kit (4 people) / 9am to 5pm Book here!

  • prices include taxes and equipment